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Peace to all beings

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What you can expect to see on our menu

We serve lots of delicious, plant-based foods. We have a range of “meat” like burgers, loaded fries, wraps, Indian food and everyones favourite, vegan pizzas!

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What you can expect to see on our menu
Meet Sheila

Meet Sheila

Sheila Darji is the owner and lead Chef at Vegan House Cafe. She worked in the NHS for 15 years as a project officer. Sheila is passionate about cooking plant based food and loves feeding people. She also became vegan 2 years ago after seeing footage of a slaughterhouse and finding out about the reality of the dairy industry. Since then, she combined her love for cooking and animals to create a new venture.

“I’ve got a real passion for cooking, I always wanted to have my own cafe and restaurant. Veganism is a growing market and I wanted to make people aware of the benefits and show them they’re not missing out on anything by being vegan.” – Sheila

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why vegan?

For the animals.

For the enirvonment.

For your health.

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We also provide catering for events including weddings, conferences and birthday parties. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in tocuch via the contact form.

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